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Wolf and Grizzly M1 Edition Grill with Fire Starter Set

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This super portable and lightweight grill from Wolf and Grizzly also comes with the handy fire starter kit. Made entirely of 304 stainless steel, both the grill and frame can withstand extremely high temperatures, ensuring safety of use and durability of the grill. Simple expand the foldable stand, unroll the grill and pop over a lit fire to start cooking. The frame offers three height options, making it suitable for cooking over low coals or high over elevated flames. The grill can withstand up to 30lbs of weight, suitable for even heavy cast iron pans or Dutch ovens. The fire starter uses a nested ferrocerium rod, one of the most efficient and sustainable fire-starting materials available, simply rub the rod against the premium knife-grade steel striker to create sparks reaching 5400 degrees Fahrenheit without the need for harsh chemicals. Designed to create 20,000 strikes throughout the rods lifetime, this product will last longer and be more reliable then any box or matches or a lighter. The sparks are compatible with birch bark, spark fibre and cotton balls. Also, the durable nylon paracord can act as emergency kindling, by cutting off the cord and pulling out the jute. To complete the set, the Wolf and Grizzly Cook set includes all the pans and utensils needed to cook up an outdoor storm.
  • Foldable stainless steel stand
  • Roll-able stainless steel grill
  • Suitable for weights of up to 30lb
  • Adjustable frame height
  • Compact form for easy storage
  • Lasts for approx. 20,000 strikes
  • Produces sparks up to 5400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Rod made from 100% ferrocerium
  • Premium knife-grade steel striker
  • Durable nylon paracord with emergency jute
  • Wolf and Grizzly M1 Edition Grill with Fire Starter Set